Evan Watkins

Producer, Writer, Organizer

Writing Samples & Links

Digital/Online Work

As a producer in multiple mediums, Evan's creativity and propensity for embracing emerging platforms has left its traces all over the internet. From Pilot Co-Pilots! podcast to SeriesFest's digital outreach to his own social media accounts -- his content is always lively and relevant. 


Comedy Writing

Evan started training at The Second City at age 14 and was featured as part of their Teen Ensemble in his early years.  His work has featured at Ars Nova, Chicago SketchFest, UCB's Del Close Marathon, The Annoyance and Gotham City Improv, to name a few. 

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The Queen of the May & Her Harvest Kings (co-writer Andrew Farmer) appeared at Galapagos Art Space & NYU.

Very Useful Information Regarding How to Build an Empire That Will Not Fail was developed through FGP's PlayGround PlayGroup at The New Ohio.